CoolBitX authorized distributor – sales of CoolWallet S

Coingate Inc. started distributing cryptocurrency hardware wallet “CoolWallet S” which is released by SBI Holdings in March 2018.

What is CoolWallet S?

Features of CoolWallet S 〜The World First’s Mobile Bitcoin Hardware Wallet~

To protect your cryptocurrency assets offline and inaccessible externally.

【Hardware Wallet – Card type】
Credit card sized hardware wallet is sleek, slim, and light. It’s the only mobile cold storage cryptocurrency wallet. You can put it in your purse and bring it with you anywhere.
Apps:English/ Japanese

【Connect on Smartphone】
Before CoolWallet S, personal computer(PC) is always required for using a hardware wallet. Now, CoolWallet S hardware wallet can be used with smartphone without PC – it is mobile, which you can store and trade easily. There is no USB connection, you can synchronize with smartphone using Bluetooth, enter password and send/receive cryptocurrency. Also, the hacking risk is extremely low.

【Multiple Cryptocurrencies】
Secure your Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BTC), EOS Token(EOS)/Tether USD(USDT), ERC20 Tokens on the same wallet.

【High Security】
CoolWallet S is configured with a SE (Secure Element: Common Criteria EAL5+ certified) chip to store cryptocurrencies private keys.

【Waterproof! High durability!】
Flexible, sturdy, light-weight, with protections against misplacement. CoolWalletS is based on ISO7810 to design and develop. It is made with flexible plastic materials and enhanced with waterproof finishing.

Comparision with other hardware wallet
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