People learnt about blockchain techonology from associating it with cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Many people misunderstand “Blockchain = Bitcoin”, which is not true. As blockchain technology is a fundamental technology adopted widely, and it will expand beyond the use of cryptocurrency. This technology is going to penetrate current business model, and play an important role in the foreseeing future.

Would you like to learn together and utilize blockchain in our future lives? Come and join us in this revolution.

Send your resume and cover letter to

Job duties:

Operations and event planning


Permanent staff / Part-time staff


Fluent in English or other languages
Willing and passionate to learn
Like to take up challenges
Positive and opening mind


Chu-oku, Nihonbashi

Working hours:         



Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday
(if events take place in the weekend, substitute holiday will be given)


Negotiable (from 200,000yen~)
*depends on skills and experience

Part-time: 1000JPY per hour

Other benefits 

Permanent staff
ompensation for travel expenses (up to 15,000 per month), various social insurance