The potential of “blockchain”
Blockchain is the next major revolution after Internet. It serves like a “ledger” that all the aggregates of data from the beginning to the present are recorded and can be viewed by anyone. This is blockchain technology – it starts from a couple of cryptocurrencies and it now changes the live of everyone. Our mission is to make it easily comprehended by everyone and convey new ideas. The use of blockchain technology is not limited to finance, it is penetrating all industries that you are familiar with, such as medical and other management fields. Coingate Japan Inc. is here to deliver the best services which help to enrich your daily lives.

We provide the latest insights and news about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and ICO(Initial Coin Offering) projects worldwide. We have a wide range of Japanese audience, with over 100,000 views monthly. Our team of diverse writers have strong passion in crypto-world and are offering distinctive insights from their experience and vision. Our sites are: Crytocurrency Satellite and TokenDataBank.

ICO consulting
In addition to comprehensive support to ICO such as preparation of whitepaper, token development, marketing etc., we will also provide supporting services for companies who are considering whether to implement ICO.

Business Content ・Web media operation and support ・Blockchain system development ・Wallet application development ・ICO Consulting